Vacation Photo Challenge – One Lens

West Coast of Canada, truly a stunning place to visit.  Chuck and I headed there not long ago for a few days. The  trip was to chill out, relax, do a little walking and enjoying the coast.  What did we do to relax… take photos!

I decided that I would not take my  “working” lenses, instead I would stick to one prime lens.  Well, the night before we were leaving I decided that I couldn’t take just one lens, so I took 2 primes instead.  I have a cheap 40mm DX macro lens that I have been playing with lately and thought I would experiment with some landscapes. I also brought along my favourite lens 85mm 1.4 (its old, metal and a bit heavier than the new ones)

I kept the 40mm on for most of the trip but brought out the 85 on our last day.  Just needed to be closer!  Using the 40mm DX on my D750 creates a bit of a vignette on the image. I actually  like the effect, which is why I wanted to play.  While we were walking though I saw so many images I could of taken, if only I had my other lens! You know what though, being limited to one lens just makes you look around you more, see things differently.  I couldn’t go back to my fall back lenses. It really was great fun!

I challenge you, the next time you go on a photo walk, take only one lens. If you only have a zoom lens then choose a focal length and stick to it the whole time you are out.  Instead of using the lens to zoom, use your feet! Its a great exercise in seeing.

BTW its totally awesome to go on a trip with a fellow photographer (yay Chuck), way more fun when you are both shooting.  We didn’t walk quite as far as we planned but hanging out on the rugged rocks of Ucluelet was incredible.


WD2_4353 WD2_4354 WD2_4355 WD2_4398 WD2_4403 WD2_4406 WD2_4410 WD2_4426 WD2_4432 WD2_4465 WD2_4474 WD2_4477 WD2_4499 WD2_4508 WD2_4563 WD2_4703 WD2_4723 WD2_4732 WD2_4766 WD2_4774 WD2_4788 WD2_4867 WD2_4902 WD2_4959 WD2_4993 WD2_5002 WD2_5210 WD2_5308 WD2_5370 WD2_5485



We stayed in Ucluelet at The Waters Edge Resort

Great place to stay! Thanks Graham and Mikaela for the recommendation.

Thanks Chuck for the amazing time!

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