Mind Stories

Today I baked cookies and decorated my space for the season, I love lights! As I was pulling out the ingredients to make my cookies, I started thinking of 2 years ago, how this pulling out of ingredients was so different. 2 years ago I ended up on the floor curled up crying my eyes out. I didn’t really understand why. Yup depression. Its not fun. Mine was (mostly) caused by Menopause, really not fun. I’m so glad I have an amazing support network around me and I got help. I had a project I wanted to do, before this happened, taking people’s story of their breakdowns and collaborating with dancers to create images. I decided that I would do a test trial with my own Story.

Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg and I got together, she had read the story, we didn’t really pre plan anything. We had no real end results in mind. We got together to just created. I can tell you, that is sweet freedom as an artist, to just create. In the End I had a solo exhibition of Mind Story images at The Cultch Gallery (Sept 2017) An artist talk for BC Culture Days about the exhibit and about the film. Then in March the Mind Stories short film was part of the Women in Film & Television Vancouver Film festival. Not bad for 2 artists getting together to just create. Iit helped me heal.Depression is not easy, and for many people they keep it hidden. Something to keep in mind as we go into this holiday season. For some people this is an extremely hard time of year. Be kind to one another, you don’t know what people are going through.I had applied to a few film festivals but it didn’t get into anymore. So I decided today would be a perfect day to make the You Tube link Live.

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