Thinking about food

The past week or so I have had the privilege to be involved with a few shoots that have me thinking about food.  Food or the lack of for some folks.  Last week I was involved with the CBC Foodbank day and witnessed the flood of generosity of so many lower mainland folks.  $567,085 was raised for the local foodbanks. ( )

This week I spent a day, at Quest Food Exchange, helping with a video documentary.  I was introduced to Quest many years ago by Odette Hidalo, to make images for their use in marketing materials.  I loved every minute of it and loved the whole premise behind what they do.  I am happy to see over the years their programs and organization are helping so many.  I love the statement – Reducing hunger with dignity.  They not only rescue food that might otherwise go to waste, they provide training for folks, they teach nutrition and how to cook healthy.  I was moved by an interview with one lady who has been a Quest client and is also a volunteer now, giving back.. just so amazing. Check out their website:

This morning I read an article about Paul McCartney coming to town and being served food from the street farm which is close to the stadium.  I have walked by it so many times and never read up on what it was about.  Its run by an organization called Sole food street farm.  They grow, and train how to grow produce, providing jobs to those in the local area who many not otherwise be able to work.

Also Check out Save on Meats – Butcher shop, dinner, and another place helping the community with food and work experience programs (Mark Brand from Save on Meats was a guest at the CBC foodbank day)

There are many more organizations out there but these are just a few whom I have been touched by their stories, maybe you will be too.










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