The Leo Awards

The ballroom is a buzz, flashes are popping, people are laughing, hugging and everyone has a smile on their face.  The infamous Red Carpet, the film and television industry celebrates and the stars are shining.  This was my first year covering the Leo Awards (, its a 3 night affair (so many talented people in this province). I was there, for the gala,  to photograph the action during the presentations on the stage. Since I didn’t have “offical” duties before the ceremony I thought I would do some B&W candids.  I started with that and then I decided I needed a theme instead, Shoes! So I went around and asked folks if I could photograph their shoes. I got some strange looks at first, but by the time the ceremonies started I had people telling me who’s shoes I should photograph.  Fun! Thank you to Walter Daroshin  for including me in capturing this celebrations of a very vibrant community.

I have included a selection of images here but you can see more on my facebook page:

Facebook – Shoe album

Facebook – B&W


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