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  • Johannah Newmarch

  • Not long ago I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Johannah Newmarch.  We decided that we were going to create images that were a departure from the normal headshot. Fun! Johannah had in her mind the looks she was going for, we chatted about them before hand and Wow when sh[...]
  • Meet... Daniel Arnold

  • Who are you? "I was born Daniel Shiner, then became Danny Brown, but am now Daniel Arnold. I'm a human being. I'm a son, brother, and husband."               What do you do? "I'm an actor, writer, and producer for the t[...]
  • The Leo Awards

  • The ballroom is a buzz, flashes are popping, people are laughing, hugging and everyone has a smile on their face.  The infamous Red Carpet, the film and television industry celebrates and the stars are shining.  This was my first year covering the Leo Awards (http://www.leoawards.com/index.php), its[...]
  • Artist Dieter Schlatter - In The Studio

  • Walking into Dieter Schlatter's studio, you know you are in a working artists studio. To say the least, its full, a landscape of tarps, canvases, sculptures, with sketches, photocopies and tests on the walls.  At the far corner, a table, covered in years of paint drippings, pallets, cloths, brushes,[...]
  • Fabulous Milkshake party

  • It might have been freezing cold outside but it was warm and cozy inside at the 8th Annual Milkshake party.  Thank you to all who came out, I think many new friends were made and many re connections.  A big thank you to those who helped out - Christina Tuyen and Victoria Harroway for their Milkshake[...]
  • 8th Annual Milkshake Party!

  • Everyone is invited to the 8th annual Milkshake party! What the heck is a milkshake party?,  you may ask... Well its a chance for me to thank, YOU, all my clients, colleagues and friends for your support, advice, referrals, laughs, brainstorming, and Love.  Without all of you, I wouldn't be able [...]
  • Spotlight Awards

  • ast night (March 8) Women in Film held the Spotlight awards gala.  You have seen a few award recipients in my Meet... section of my website in the past few days, with a few more to come.  It was an amazing evening with some fantastic, inspirational speeches.  I realize even more just how grateful I [...]
  • Pierre - Philippe Bibeau

  • How many people do you know who are already working at 5am? Morning radio hosts for one! I asked Peirre-Philippe Bibeau, CBC Radio-Canada, early morning radio host of Phare Ouest.  (Well, he was at the time, now he has shifted to the afternoon show Six Pieds qu-dessus de la mer.), if he would mind m[...]
  • PSA video shoot for World Conference on Breast Cancer

  • This past Sunday a group of volunteers gathered together at the Cultch (thanks for their donation of the Venue) to create a Public Service Announcement for World Conference on Breast Cancer. It was an incredible day. Kim Tempest (it was her dream that gave us the idea) Chris Kempinski (Camera oping [...]