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  • Artist Dieter Schlatter - In The Studio

  • Walking into Dieter Schlatter's studio, you know you are in a working artists studio. To say the least, its full, a landscape of tarps, canvases, sculptures, with sketches, photocopies and tests on the walls.  At the far corner, a table, covered in years of paint drippings, pallets, cloths, brushes,[...]
  • Vancouver Giants - Game Day

  • Feb 25 was Milan Lucic Alumni night for the Vancouver Giants ( www.vancouvergiants.com) and I was there.  Earlier in the month I met with Stuart Ballantyne, chief operating officer for the Giants and asked him if I could photograph a "day in the life.." of a game day for the Giants. He agreed and we[...]
  • James Sanders

  • I met James Sanders last year during a publicity photo shoot for www.Realwheels.ca 'Spine'.  After working with James in the studio and seeing the play I thought it would be great to follow him for a day.  James is the Founder of the theater company Realwheels... I love their mission statement : [...]
  • Storm Brewing

  • Back in the summer I spent a day with Brew Master James Walton at Storm Brewing. Many of the events we held at the ARC over the years featured Storm beer.  I thought I would be great to see what a typical day for James at Storm would be.  Its a lot of measuring, checking, answering phones, measuring[...]
  • Pierre - Philippe Bibeau

  • How many people do you know who are already working at 5am? Morning radio hosts for one! I asked Peirre-Philippe Bibeau, CBC Radio-Canada, early morning radio host of Phare Ouest.  (Well, he was at the time, now he has shifted to the afternoon show Six Pieds qu-dessus de la mer.), if he would mind m[...]
  • 'DO worlds' 'DO everlasting flora'

  • Art commissions, for anyone who had done one or has commissioned one you know what I am talking about. "Is it what I wanted to create?", "Is it what they wanted me to create?" "Will they like it?". The past little while my friend and amazing visual artist Siobhan Humston has been working on such a c[...]