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  • Portrait Workshop

  • Portrait Workshop Date: Sunday - January 22 Time: 9 - 4 approx Location: D'Studio - 130-350 2nd Ave East Level: basic working knowledge of DSLR helpful but not fully necessary. Requirements: DSLR camera, Laptop with Lightroom (I have one desktop and one laptop that could be used) Cost: $150+[...]
  • Processing your Images - Lightroom Basics

  • Processing your Images - Lightroom Basics Date: January 17 Time: 6:30 - 9 Location: D'Studio - 130-350 2nd Ave East Cost: $60 To me one of the most overlooked part of photography is the post processing, what happens after you take that photo. Lightroom is a powerful tool to help you create [...]
  • Set your Camera on MANUAL

  • Create the images you imagine - put your camera on manual Dates: Saturday, December 10, 12-5 *****Thursday, December 29, 12-5 Holiday special - 1 Parent and 1 Child for 1 price Location: D'Studio - 130 - 350 2nd Ave East Cost: $125 You have made the big step to getting a better camera bec[...]
  • World Photo Day

  • August 19 is World Photo day.  I went looking to see what it was all about. You can Check it out here. Worldphotoday.com Its actually an event where photographers around the world post one image from this day in a gallery.  Very cool. Some of us remember the series of books called "a day in the l[...]
  • B&W 5 day Challenge

  • I was challenged a few weeks ago by my good friend Clayton Cooper to participate in a 5 day Black and White photo challenge.  This was on facebook and I don't normally participate in "facebook fads" but I thought this was a great one.  Post one B&W photo per day for 5 days and then challenge a n[...]
  • Meet... Gillian Horvath

  • Who are you? Gillian Horvath.  It's pronounced "Gillian," with a hard-G.  My father named me after Kim Novak's character in the movie "Bell, Book & Candle."   What do you do? I'm a Television writer and producer.   [wpcol_1third id="" class="" style=""][/wpcol_1third] [wp[...]