PSA video shoot for World Conference on Breast Cancer

This past Sunday a group of volunteers gathered together at the Cultch (thanks for their donation of the Venue) to create a Public Service Announcement for World Conference on Breast Cancer. It was an incredible day. Kim Tempest (it was her dream that gave us the idea) Chris Kempinski (Camera oping for me but he’s an award winning DOP) Asad Masede (amazing Web designer/Photographer) met up with Jordan, our wonderful tech for the day. We started setting up lighting, camera and food! Shortly after the drummers began arriving, Adana Koumandi Drane Africian drum, Joy Masuhara Taiko Drum and Gerry Oleman First Nations, these folks had never met before. We explained what we were looking for and watching the three of them work out their rhythms was inspiring. Three cultures coming together in music.. ok at this point Kim and I almost started crying. Then everyone else arrived, more drummers, volunteers, Breast cancer survivors and their families. For most of them it was the first time being on a film set.. so they learned quickly ” That was great.. Let’s do it again!”. At one point after shooting the “scripted” part of the PSA everyone picked up an instrument and there was a free for all of dance and music on the stage. The funny part was as soon as we faded the lights out on the shot the music got stronger, pure magic to hear in the dark.
All in All, as I have said many times, it was an inspiring magical day, which would not of happened if it wasn’t for all of the people and business’s that donated to our little PSA. Please take a look at the names and acknowledge each and every one of them.

Kim Tempest
Dave Mallinson
Kyra Mallinson
Anthony Mallinson
Lavonne Campbell
Joanne Totten
Hanna Miller
Ysa Luz
Ash Bigdeli
Gerry Oleman
Byron Smith
Adana Koumandi Drane
Wendy Dallian
Chris Kempinski
Patricia Tanaka
Vivian Omori
Jane Hamilton
Mahi Etminan
Pat Freiboth
Sue Tong
Joy Masuhara
Sydney Gustafson
Jonathan Gustafson
Sean McCann
Erin Sharp
Asad Masede
Dana Reed

International Maps and travel Guides, Richmond BC
Graham Coulthard
Bukina Fasa
Abreast In A Boat Society
Vancouver Breast Cancer Support Group
Karen Flood, BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre, Patient & Family Counselling
Deborah Rusch, BC / Yukon Women’s Cancer Alliance
Katari Taiko Drum Group Association
The Cultch
Inspired cinema
Siobhan Humston
Riese the series
Elder Rose Point, BCIT
Derik Joseph, BCIT

Alexis McRae
Wendy D

Dana Reed photo

Dana Reed photo

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