Portrait Workshop

Portrait Workshop

Date: Sunday – January 22
Time: 9 – 4 approx
Location: D’Studio – 130-350 2nd Ave East
Level: basic working knowledge of DSLR helpful but not fully necessary.
Requirements: DSLR camera, Laptop with Lightroom (I have one desktop and one laptop that could be used)
Cost: $150+gst

Creating the portrait
This workshop will be highly interactive and hands-on covering Wendy’s portrait process from beginning to end. We will cover:
Creating the portrait you and your client want,
Planning a session,
Working with natural light,
Finding backgrounds,
Creating a comfortable, trusting, positive, environment for your subject,
Basic posing and how to make it feel natural,
Introduction to flash photography.
Processing your images Taking the images is just part of the equation. Post processing is  your ultimate artistic voice. We will be hands on and you will use your own images to work with.

All students will also receive a coupon towards a rental from Beau Photo, You will also receive a coupon for a 2 for 1 enlargement special from Rocket Repro. and you will be invited to join our private online FB group to share work and learn more,



I did some one-to-one coaching with Wendy. I am a food blogger, and I have the tools–camera, lenses, etc. But I wasn’t really using my camera to its advantage.
Wendy helped me out with small things that made a big difference: framing, angles, and especially lighting. She shared lots of little tips and tricks that have made a big difference to my photography and to my Instagram!
Rebecca Coleman ( http://cookingbylaptop.com/)

“ I’ve known Wendy D for about 10 years now, throughout this time she has helped and supported my passion for photography in countless ways.
Her knowledge on lighting and the complex relationship of the three photography basics, Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed has helped me gain a level of proficiency with my camera I never dreamed of. 
She also taught me so much about Lightroom and advanced editing which I believe is one of the modern foundations of digital photography, I know that without her I would not be where i am today.”
Franck Sala


“I was given a series of lessons with Wendy D’photo as a birthday gift. This has been one of smartest gifts ever received. During these lessons Wendy allowed me to tap into dormant sides of my creativity and discovered the purpose of why I wanted to explore photography further.
Wendy also inspired me to capture what I think my own definition of beauty is.
During her sessions I got to be more confident with my camera, learned the basics and the endless possibilities available with one simple camera.”
Alberto Durazo
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