Our home, Our Family photo session

Our home, Our Family portrait session

Not long ago, a long time client/friend contacted me saying that her parents were selling their family home.  Victoria wanted to know if I could come and photograph them in and around their home, just so she could have images of themselves in the family home. She grew up there, her home was always there, even if she wasn’t anymore.  Its a big change. I have been photographing Victoria for many years through her acting/dance years and I came to know her and her parents.  I thought this was such an amazing request I said yes.  We didn’t want to do the regular family posed images, so we sat and chatted for a bit, talking about the house and the future. Then Victoria took me on a guided tour, and I photographed what I felt and saw.  So much fun.  The images are below.

I loved this idea so much I decided I wanted to offer this to other families as well.  I will come to your home, we can hang out, share with me your family and your home and I will document what I experience. Your family in your own home, being themselves (as much as possible) No need to dress up, just be yourselves. Session is approximately 2 hours and I provide you with a large selection of web resolution files for you to keep.  Cost $550 +gst

Having a gathering over the Holidays.. I can come for that too!

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