New Fine Art Print Available

Introducing my Newest, Limited edition, fine art print: Julie Bruns

This is my third fine art print and I have to say I am enjoying the process of choosing an image each year that has special meaning to me, to offer as a collectable print. This image, similar to “strength” with Shawn Major, was not planned. Julie and I decided we both needed a day away, a day to just play, take some photos without any real reason other than to collaborate and create. We are both lucky and grateful to do what we love for our “living” which means being creative within the boxes of what is needed for our clients.

I have learned over time, that letting your creativity just play is extremely important. In the past, along with my client photography I have worked on photo projects to exercise all sides of my creative brain. Unfortunately I haven’t taken on a big photo project since finishing ‘Scream’. I had a few years of dealing with mental health issues caused by peri-menopause, during which I created ‘Mind Stories’, but I haven’t focused in on a big project yet. In the meantime, getting out and playing keeps my brain happy. Being in nature, camera in hand, no great purpose for images, seeing what is around me, feeling the sun on my face, the wind, the waves, the mountains, the animals, grounds me ( I just took a deep breath while writing this). Having someone along with me, who is feeling the same, to collaborate with, is magic. Julie had brought a few wardrobe changes and we spent a few hours playing. The Sun was out and it was spectacular. As time went along clouds started moving in. Julie is an incredible model, she is up to doing just about anything. She was climbing trees, laying in driftwood and out onto the rocks at the edge of the water. The image here is one of those moments when everything came together. We could have never planned on this happening. The Sun, the clouds, the water.. Magnificat. I get chills still reliving that feeling when I took these.

This image represents taking time out, being in nature and just breathing. every time I look at it I take a deep breath and feel so much more relaxed. Thank you Julie for collaborating with me, and thank you to Mother Nature for never disappointing me 🙂

I hope you will enjoy owning this Fine art print as much as I did creating it. email me directly – to order your print ($200)

Thank you.


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