Mind Stories

Mind Stories, those stories that our mind wants us to believe. The stories that make us doubt who we are, skew our perspective on what is around us, give us times of deep sorrow, anger, regret.  Everyone deals with these stories, most of the time we are in enough control we can stop them, make them go away.  Sometimes they take us down.  I have had my fair share of them in my life, but last year they got worse, and I’ve watched friends be plagued byt them.  I’m very lucky that for whatever reason, I was able to express myself and overcome them. I think though, its a fine line.
This project is about those stories. Its about artistic process, for me about healing and to bring awareness that these mind games happen to us all.
The Players – I love the language of dance, of the body, and I am privielged to have worked with so many incredible dancers. The first time I saw Tara Cheyenne Friednberg, I was blown away. We have created incredible images together, so it was her I approached to pitch this idea to.  She was supportive and encouraging and ready to create.

Tara Cheyenne Friednberg from "Porno Death Cult"

The Process – The idea was to take a story from someone, a dancer and myself would create work inspired by that story.  No huge amount of pre-plannning, just get together and create, improv, collaborate.
What an incredibly freeing creation process.
The Results
I am in love with the images we created.  How were were to present the final images wasn’t totally planned either.  I recorded video while we were creating as well as stills.  The first piece to be exhibitied is a projection piece. Which will be shown on Friday May 26 at my studio as part of my first participation in ROVE. Mount pleasant’s very own art walk.
As I was working on the combining of photo stills and video, I decided that I couldn’t do justice to the work, that I wanted to bring in another collaborator.  Scot Belyea, writer/director/filmmaker/editor,  have worked together many times in the past and I love his vision. He came on board, again, it was do as you feel, no guidelines to adhere to, just create. I haven’t seen the results yet and I’m excited by that too.

Scott on the Red Carpet at the Leo awards 2016

I have a few more ideas on how to present the work now that its created. So much fun playing and so healing for me.  I hope you will enjoy the work as well.
Rove – a Mount Pleasant Art walk https://www.roveyvr.com/
May 26 – 6-10
My studio – 130, 350 2nd Ave East

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