Mind Stories – The day after

Today is an amazing day, it the day after Rove, a Mount Pleasant Art Walk. I am sitting here on my patio basking in the memories of an unforgettable evening. I didn’t take any pics last night, so the few here are from friends. Well over a year ago I had an idea for a project, Mind Stories.  The first piece of that project was what we presented during Rove. The response to the piece was an overwhelming, Yes. My heart is bursting. Its hard to put into words the feeling of taking a piece of yourself, showing it to the world and having emotional responses from those who experienced it. Seeing so many people, so engrossed in something that came out of your own brain, priceless.


I say the project came out of my own brain but it takes a whole village to bring it to life.  There are a large number of Thank yous , so here we go.


Tara – Thank you for being the huge creative, supportive force you are. The first time we worked together, you blew me away. When I approached you about this idea you were all in, supportive, encouraging. Thank You for bringing your incredible talent, your voice to this project. People were truly moved.


Scott –  Thank you for coming on board at the very last minute and adding your unique voice, and talent to the piece. Its been incredible watching you evolve since our meeting through Taming Tammy all those years ago. I’m so happy to work with you again, and in the future. PS tons of questions about the music.


The night of the Show, like I said it takes a village, I am so fortunate to have some incredible people in my Tribe
Mandy Ruston- Thank you for all you do, so many things I can’t even begin to list them all. Mandy is the Queen of running events, planning, working, doing, and inspiring. Thank you for the prep, shopping, laying out, orgaizing, cleaning, hosting, explaining, serving, garbage duties, cleaning, You do it all. Love you lots!


Shawn- Thank you for being that sunshiny you. Always ready to do what ever needs to be done. Thank you for gathering, prepping, serving all the fab food. The best greeter, who engaged with everyone. Your support is so appreciative


On the night, I had some unexpected help as well. Thank you to Stella, for helping out and asking so many awesome questions, helping keeping the dialog going. Thanks for sharing with me our passion for dance, you keep me inspired and questing all I see and do.  Karen Thank you for sticking through to the end. Your support, questions, dialogue, cleaning and organizing skills are, wow, and we hardly know each other yet! So much more to come. So much love and gratitude to the rest of my tribe who support, love, and inspired me daily, 🙂


Thank you to ROVE, Jamie, Connie. You are so organized! Thank you for this awesome event. Nothing like a deadline to get a project done!


Thank You to all who came, experienced and joined the dialogue.


I have many more thoughts about the work and the feedback but this is already a long post so I will leave that for another time….


Images from the night:


The next day musings


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