Meet… Karen Lam

I am privileged, for the past several years, to photograph the Women in Film and Television Vancouver’s Spotlight award winners.  Established in 1999, the Spotlight Awards™ have brought together the BC Film community to celebrate the outstanding achievements of BC women in screen-based media. I look forward to meeting and working with the winners to create images which will be used on the actual award and during the presentation.  I thought I would introduce you to a few of the award winners over the next week as part of my ‘Meet…’ series.

Meet… Karen Lam

I first met Karen at last year’s Women in Film Festival.  She was on a panel that was discussing getting distribution for films.  I loved what she had to say, and how she said it, no beating around the bush with Karen.  I thought right then that I wanted to photograph her.  I was delighted when I saw she was winning an award this year. We had an absolute blast creating the images.



Who am I? A carnivorous, almost-crazy cat lady, and yoga devotee who happens to make horror films. I strive for balance in my life.



What do I do? Director, writer and erstwhile producer of arthouse horror films. Please don’t send me the next installment of Saw and expect me to like it.



Why? I love to tell stories, and I love strong visuals, especially if they’re a little macabre.  I like freaking myself out, and if I can take people along for the ride, even better.

Who/what inspires me? I’m driven by some sort of internal rage, and morbid curiosity towards the darker things in life.  I’m inspired by art and films: my current obsession is Stanley Kubrick and i can’t stop listening to the Clockwork Orange soundtrack.  Also, I have some incredibly gifted friends and colleagues I work with:  they inspire me every day.




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