James Sanders

I met James Sanders last year during a publicity photo shoot for www.Realwheels.ca ‘Spine’.  After working with James in the studio and seeing the play I thought it would be great to follow him for a day.  James is the Founder of the theater company Realwheels… I love their mission statement :

Realwheels is a professional theatre company that creates and produces world-class art that deepens the audience’s understanding of the disability experience. We tell stories in which disability itself is not the focus of conflict, but rather forms the landscape upon which universal issues are debated onstage.

and their vision statement:

Respectful and accurate representation of disability in the public sphere

This is pure James Sander. Talking with him is inspiring, he is a writer, husband, actor, speaker, business man and he is passionate.  I spent, not a full day,  but a few hours with him in the fall.  Our talk that day was so fantastic I forgot sometimes I was supposed to be taking photos. We started at his home, went for a bone density scan, and then on a recruiting mission to add to the board of Realwheels.  As I said before,  I was inspired, James is a gifted Artist.

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