Headshots for Actors

The Next few blog posts will be about the services I offer.  To start off this series lets talk;

Headshots for Actors

Before writing this post I Googled “importance of acting headshots” Almost every single post, pretty much, said the same thing. You need a headshot, as in a head and shoulders shot. It needs to look like you and it needs to be engaging. I found this great post with casting director Joseph Middleton https://www.nyfa.edu/film-school-blog/head-of-casting-for-paramount-pictures-gives-advice-to-nyfa-students/ He’s gives some great advice. (only one line about a headshot but its a great read)


Social media is big, and as an actor its part of the game now.  Found this article on social media and actors.  http://www.thewrap.com/how-hollywood-actors-twitter-followings-have-become-as-important-as-talent/  Lets say a producer has the final say in choosing the lead actor, they have 2 amazing candidate who would both equally suit the role. One has a large social media following and the other doesn’t, when it comes down to it, which do you think he is going to want?  Where do I fit in to all this? Photographs. Editorial photographs make great content.


Editorial and Headshots in one session.  We work together and create some interesting, simple editorial ideas and while shooting those we also do the traditional headshot.  My package for this is $400 (plus tax) . We will have a brainstorming session (these days its usually by phone but we can actually meet in person too!) where we figure out the direction the images will take, what roles do you want to audition for, what style of images, clothing, feel and so forth. We will have a 2-3 hour photo session, basically what ever time it takes.  You choose your favourite 4/5 images which I will “finish” them and provide them to you in high resolution for printing.  I will also provide you will all of your images in web resolution which you can use as you wish. (they do have a discreet Wendy D watermark) Times can be tough and I am here to help.  You can share this package with a partner, or friend, you come together and we split the session between the 2 of you.

I really love collaborating and creating images together, lets make it happen!

Images above are

Marisa Smith:https://www.facebook.com/alleytheatrevancouver 
Billy Marchenski: http://www.principalstalent.com/talent/billy_marchenski
Daniel Arnold: http://www.dualminds.com/daniel_arnold.htm

Agam Darshi – http://www.agamdarshi.com/

_WDP0758 _WDP1004 _WDP1035 _WDP1128 _WDP1154-2


Cameron Grierson: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1275791/

_WDP7801 _WDP8167 _WDP8217-Edit _WDP7637



Johannah Newmarch: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0628329/

_WDP7367-Edit _WDP7529-Edit

_WDP7195 _WDP7483

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