I wanted to just write something today.. not about photography, about just about life…

I was watching a movie last night.. (its been a while). There was a line in there that made me start thinking – “Do unto others more than you do onto yourself”. As my brain goes I started thinking about giving.

I read about the flooding in Pakistan and wish I could give more. I walk down the street in East Van and wish I could give more. I chat with a friend who needs to be selling more work and I wish I could give more. It can get a little overwhelming today, there are many in need and there is only so much one can do.

That’s just it though.. we can do. Even if it is a small thing we can give. Yes I know, I sound like one of those optimistic everything is rosy type people. Well, yup that is me… but yes I see the reality of the world around us too. Things are tough for a lot of people these days all around the world and right here at home. When I start thinking about all of the struggles it can get depressing.

When I talk about giving, I am not talking about money necessarily, although that would certainly help in a lot of situations. I am more talking about giving of Respect, of Kindness, of Understanding, of friendship and kinship. If we gave more of these things.. just imagine how things could change.. yup that’s a big order, and one that’s not going to happen over night. Really this world is very small and we are all part of the same village. In a small village when one person does something, good or bad, everybody is effected by it (trust me I know this to be true.. I’m from small town maritimes). So why not make it on the positive side of things.

So why did I want to write this? I am suggesting that the next time you walk down the street give the strangers around you Respect. If you are in a disagreement with someone, give them and yourself the opportunity to really understand the root of the situation. Is there someone you haven’t chatted with in awhile give them a call and give them the joy of friendship.

I am very thankful for the people in my life who give me so much, and whom I try to give back. So I say lets Pass it on!

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