Dawn Pemberton – New Album – Say Somethin’

Stepping off the elevator, sweet funky music tickled my ears. As I rounded the corner the hall looked like one of those perspective room drawings I drew in school, long narrow and empty but the Funky music filled the hallway with joy.  I kept walking trying to find the source, then a luscious voice fused with the melody, amazing.  Rounding one more corner, and peaking through an open studio door, I fell in love, for the first time with Dawn Pemberton, Jeff Younger, Kristan Naso, of the band the Deep End. That was almost 10 years ago, and I have followed Dawns career with pride, joy and awe.  Dawn is a staple of the Vancouver Music Scene, she teaches, guides, creates, and shares her passion for music with everyone. Yesterday Dawn released her first Solo Album – Say Somethin’

Dawn album cover

A few year’s ago I invited Dawn to participate in a photo project I was creating for the Eastside Culture Crawl . “Artists in my studio”

DawnArtistsPart of that project I asked a few questions, the following are the answers along with a selection of photos from the photo shoot we did for Say Somethin’

Who are you? – “My name is Dawn Pemberton and I am a Vancouver Based Musician. I have a big heart and a big voice to match.  I love deep greasy grooves, sunny days, being cozy and generally anything that tweaks the heart and stirs the soul.”

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What do you do? “Ha! The longer I live the more I realize that who I am and what I do is often the same thing. I drink tea, practice, try to tap dance, write songs, and explore the awesome world of body percussion. ” At the time of the project Dawn sang, along with her original music, with The Deep End (seven piece funk band), The No Shit Shirleys (all femail acappella group), The Soul Syndicate (soul duo/quartet), TriVo (Acappella trio) and her friend and collaborator BJ Block (2 albums now – The land of Make Believe and II ) She also works as a freelance Musician for studio and live performances, teaches at Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

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Why do you do what you do? – “I do what I do because it keeps me curious, engaged and constantly challenged. It’s also how I feel the most called to serve the world. I find it inspiring to share the joy of music and singing with others and watch them discover the music within”  In the write up with the new album she says “I’ve got a rhythmic stream running through me at all times,” “It’s all about the groove for me.” quoted from the exclaim website.

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We were, at that time also talking about art and culture –  My art contributes to culture by being inclusive. My goal is to bring people together and help tem find ways into music at any level. I want to supply people with the tools and knowledge to be contriputor and creator of culture instead of passive consumers. I think it’s important to remember that ‘culture’ isn’t something that should be thought of as separate. We are ‘doing’ culture just by being. Our collective personal circumstances define and shape the shared experience of culture.

To Dawn – You are one amazing lady, talented, sharing and the rhythm is who you are.  Congratulations on your first – of many – albums.  There are many places to listen to Dawn’s new album so I  will just send you to her site: http://dawnpembertonsoul.com/

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Photo session – collaboration between Dawn, Wendy D, Shaine Roe (stylist) and Chad Gaskell (makeup)




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