Celebrating Black History Month

February was filled with song, strength, community, voice, and pure magic. Image standing in the center of a circle with voices joining together in harmony and strength. I say it many many times but I am truly grateful to be able to experience incredible moments and share them with others.

Thank you to Mimi Beyene for bringing me into the fold! She represents BAND (Black Artists’ Networks in Dialogue) who, in partnership with TD, give financial support to Black artists. This year 6 different groups received support. Each event was unique and incredible.

see more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/331798017016149/or http://band-rand.com/band/eng/?tribe_events_cat=vancouver-events

Vancouver’s Then & Now Black History Month Series features:
* Streetrich Hip Hop Society‘s “Safe Cyphers Workshop Series”.
* Caravan World Rhythms Society’s “Africa Fete Festival”
* Obediya Jones-Darrell & CJSF 90.1FM’s “Sound Body Culture’s Black History Month Radio Drama – The Monk of Adwa”
* Sarah Mchlachlan School of Music “Over the Imaginary Border”
*Le centre culturel francophone de Vancouver’s “Le Village Africain”
* Creative Cultural Collaborations Society’s ” Black Strathcona Teacher’s Study Guide”.

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