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  • Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award

  • I am very proud to be receiving the Sharon Gibbons Lifetime Member Award from Women in Film and Television Vancouver, during the Women in Film Film Festival's Spotlight Award Gala.  Just as I am celebrating my 10th year in Vancouver! Women in Film was the bases of me starting here. Thank you so much[...]
  • 10 years ago

  • Wanted to do a short post... It was 10 years ago October 15 that I moved into the ARC and started my adventure in Vancouver.  Its been an amazing journey so far.  I want to say a big thank you to a few people who helped me get started here in Vancouver. My Cousin Lori  for supporting me for 6 mon[...]
  • Giving

  • I wanted to just write something today.. not about photography, about just about life... I was watching a movie last night.. (its been a while). There was a line in there that made me start thinking – “Do unto others more than you do onto yourself”. As my brain goes I started thinking about givin[...]