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  • New Do Headshot Redo

  • Just changed your hair style, colour for a role?  Always seems to happen not long after you have had new headshots.  A few actors approached me to do mini sessions for this specific reason.  You have great headshots already, you don't need a full session just one look with the new look. This Ses[...]
  • Headshots for Actors

  • The Next few blog posts will be about the services I offer.  To start off this series lets talk; Headshots for Actors Before writing this post I Googled "importance of acting headshots" Almost every single post, pretty much, said the same thing. You need a headshot, as in a head and shoulders [...]
  • Johannah Newmarch

  • Not long ago I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Johannah Newmarch.  We decided that we were going to create images that were a departure from the normal headshot. Fun! Johannah had in her mind the looks she was going for, we chatted about them before hand and Wow when sh[...]