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  • Artist Dieter Schlatter - In The Studio

  • Walking into Dieter Schlatter's studio, you know you are in a working artists studio. To say the least, its full, a landscape of tarps, canvases, sculptures, with sketches, photocopies and tests on the walls.  At the far corner, a table, covered in years of paint drippings, pallets, cloths, brushes,[...]
  • 'scream' update

  • Time for a 'scream' update! A big THANK YOU to the Cultch, to Oliver McTavish-Wisden, curator at the Cultch, and the selection committee For selecting 'scream' as part of their 2013 galleries series.  'Scream' was matched with the wonderful work of Lisa MacLean, an artist intent on exploring the [...]
  • New Website!

  • Welcome to the new website!! I'm very happy with it... its been a long haul.. and there are still some sticky details to work out.. so keep an eye here for some new posts Live life to the fullest! Wendy D