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  • Headshots for Actors

  • The Next few blog posts will be about the services I offer.  To start off this series lets talk; Headshots for Actors Before writing this post I Googled "importance of acting headshots" Almost every single post, pretty much, said the same thing. You need a headshot, as in a head and shoulders [...]
  • Celebrating Black History Month

  • February was filled with song, strength, community, voice, and pure magic. Image standing in the center of a circle with voices joining together in harmony and strength. I say it many many times but I am truly grateful to be able to experience incredible moments and share them with others. Thank [...]
  • 9th Annual Milkshake party!

  • Once again I will be hosting my annual THANK YOU party for all my clients, friends and colleagues. Saturday, February 7 from 1-6 This is a fun event where I get thank everyone for their continued support. I have such an amazing community around me, I'm very grateful.  Pop by, stay awhile and m[...]
  • Adama Drame

  • In 2010 I put out a call on Facebook looking for drummers of different cultures to volunteer for a PSA for an international Breast Cancer Conference. My amazing friend Alexis asked if I knew Laura's friend Adama, that he would probably be interested. Thank you Alexis. Adama come out to the video sho[...]
  • Out for a drive

  • The year is coming to an end and what a fabulous year it has been! I got in my car (still no name yet) yesterday and ended up driving to Pemberton.  I made a few stops along the way, took a few photos and had a blast. Its good once in awhile to just get away from the everyday.  That's what vacations[...]
  • Scream 2014

  • Have you had a chance to participate in 'scream' yet?  I have been working on this project for almost 10 years. once or twice a year I have an open call to anyone who would like to participate to come and scream in front of the camera.  It is quite a release and a lot of fun! I will only be holding [...]
  • Artist Dieter Schlatter - In The Studio

  • Walking into Dieter Schlatter's studio, you know you are in a working artists studio. To say the least, its full, a landscape of tarps, canvases, sculptures, with sketches, photocopies and tests on the walls.  At the far corner, a table, covered in years of paint drippings, pallets, cloths, brushes,[...]
  • 'scream' update

  • Time for a 'scream' update! A big THANK YOU to the Cultch, to Oliver McTavish-Wisden, curator at the Cultch, and the selection committee For selecting 'scream' as part of their 2013 galleries series.  'Scream' was matched with the wonderful work of Lisa MacLean, an artist intent on exploring the [...]
  • New Website!

  • Welcome to the new website!! I'm very happy with it... its been a long haul.. and there are still some sticky details to work out.. so keep an eye here for some new posts Live life to the fullest! Wendy D