B&W 5 day Challenge

I was challenged a few weeks ago by my good friend Clayton Cooper to participate in a 5 day Black and White photo challenge.  This was on facebook and I don’t normally participate in “facebook fads” but I thought this was a great one.  Post one B&W photo per day for 5 days and then challenge a new person each day to do the same.  I enjoyed it so much I thought I would repost it here.

Day 1

I don’t often get to shoot with B&W in mind these days, even though it is by far my favorite to do. The first images was an incredible evening of collaboration between myself and Jeff Younger. He had in mind what he was looking for this is one of the images we created. Nothing quite like collaborating! Thanks Clayton for the kind words and the challenge. In the same vein of mentors, I would like to challenge one of my mentors Glenn Olsen. Dig out some of your most awesome images Glenn.

Day 2


Day 2/5 of the B&W challenge from the fab Clayton. Today I had the privilege of Photographing an event ( G Day For Girls ) for young girls to help them learn how to be themselves, how to handle bullies, to learn they are not alone. All those thoughts/doubts, in their heads’ others think too. I decided this morning my B&W challenge would come from something I saw today. This is the shot I chose.
My nomination today is another mentor of mine Chris Bush. He was one of those people who helped me on my journey, and an awesome photographer, oh ya he can write too. so come on Chris, join the challenge!

Day 3


Day3/5 B&W challenge. Textures.  Francine Peters and I hit the road this summer and went through Drumheller. Our creative juices always get flowing when we are together, so we  had to do some fine art nude photography… so much fun!
I wanted to challenge Esther Rausenberg but she might be a tad busy with the Crawl, so… I challenge Sharon Petty, Old or new images Sharon, come and join the B&W challenge

Day 4


Day 4/5 ‪#‎BandWchallenge‬ I decided I would go way back for an image this time. This is a print from 1998, its on glossy paper and I just copied it, so forgive the dust and bit of glare.
This image represents a lot for me. The model in this image, Todd, was the first model I ever went up to and asked if he would pose for some body shots. The act of asking was way out of character for me way back then. At the time I was making huge changes in my life (I was 33). One of those changes was deciding it was time to follow my passion 100% and I’ve come a long way! This image became one of the center pieces of an art exhibit between myself and the incredible sculpture Joel A. Prévost. (My very first exhibit was male body shots) Thanks Joel.
I also want to mention that in Sept we lost an amazing man, Jim Deva, This image is dedicated to him. He was the first person to ever buy art cards from me and this was one of those images. Thank you Jim.
Because this image is from the past I would like to challenge someone whom I have recently met and have been enjoying Photography images. JR Lindstrom, join the challenge. 5 days, 5 B&W images and to challenge one new person per day.
Thanks Clayton Cooper this is kinda fun!
Chris Bush Glenn Olsen Sharon Petty Esther Rausenberg

Day 5


Day5/5 ‪#‎BandWphotochallenge‬ I am privileged, through my profession, of meeting the most incredible people and sharing with them some precious moments in time. I hear stories of peoples lives, of who they are and what they have done. I share with them laughter, joy, sometimes heartache and together we create images of them, at that moment. They allow me in, and allow me to capture what I hope will be their essence. One such session was to photograph Haida Paul for her WIFTV Lifetime achievement award. Our time together was brief but oh so impactful. Haida passed away in September, she was one amazing lady.
Her answer to my question what inspires you?
the alchemy of creative collaboration:
the free interplay of ideas, the environment of mutual trust,
the passionate belief in something that does not yet exist,
the shared struggle to bring it forth.”
so, mentioning inspiration, I challenge Francine (true inspiration to me) 5 B&W images, in 5 days, and challenge 5 new people to join in. Can’t wait to see some B&W’s from Mexico!


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