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  • New Do Headshot Redo

  • Just changed your hair style, colour for a role?  Always seems to happen not long after you have had new headshots.  A few actors approached me to do mini sessions for this specific reason.  You have great headshots already, you don't need a full session just one look with the new look. This Ses[...]
  • Unplugging is good for the Soul

  • Standing at the patio door the gentle breeze brings the morning smell of sun warming the field.  The only sounds are of the clicking of Willy's nails as he crosses the floor to join me.  We stand soaking in the sights of the morning (well he is sniffing it). The sky is incredible, (usually is here) [...]
  • Red Truck Concert Series

  • Last Friday night I had the opportunity to combine all kinds of things I love, great music, amazing friends and ahum... Beer!  Red Truck Beer, located practically across the street from me holds a Concert Series each summer. Kind of a mini festival.  I was excited to attend the first show as a bonus[...]