Artists in My Studio

For the 2010 Eastside Culture Crawl, I invited several artists to come to my studio and allow me to photograph them “doing their thing”. I just asked them to bring their tools with them.  After the shots were completed I asked them a few different questions. Each Artist answered the questions in not only their own words but in a format that could be hung along with the images.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why do you do what you do?

How does your art contribute to culture?

(Click on the first image to make larger – click on the right side of the image to go to the next one)


Thank you to all the artists who participated (check out their work)

Siobhan Humston -

Rory Macdonald -

Maki Hanawa -

Erin Sage Sharp -

Dawn Pemberton -

Jeff Younger -

Jane Wolsak -

Dieter Schlatter -

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