Artist Dieter Schlatter – In The Studio

Walking into Dieter Schlatter’s studio, you know you are in a working artists studio. To say the least, its full, a landscape of tarps, canvases, sculptures, with sketches, photocopies and tests on the walls.  At the far corner, a table, covered in years of paint drippings, pallets, cloths, brushes, and under the spotlight, an empty easel.  Dieter is preparing for his Exhibition “Parallels” with painter Jennifer Annesley,  April 14 at Canada House Gallery and I had the privileged to photograph him while he worked.

We start chatting and Dieter starts working. Its not like some might think, put a canvas on the easel and paint til its done. Dieter works many canvases, at various stages at one time.  He moves from his painting table, to brushing on paint, spraying the water bottle to create drips, wiping them off, then stepping back to study his progress, and repeats, with the precision and grace of a dancer. Moving away from the easel he works on an image transfer, slowly peeling the paper away leaving the photo on the canvas. During this one visit Dieter worked on 3 different paintings, made a wood panel, started the long image transfer process, and had to re-stretch a new blank canvas.  I was there for only 2 hours and I was tired, and inspired. Its truly and honour and magical to witness the creative process of such an amazing talent.

Dieter-1 Dieter-2 Dieter-3 Dieter-4 Dieter-5 Dieter-6 Dieter-7 Dieter-8 Dieter-9 Dieter-10 Dieter-11 Dieter-12 Dieter-13 Dieter-14 Dieter-15 Dieter-16 Dieter-17 Dieter-18 Dieter-19 Dieter-20


“One of the main foundations of my work is my interest in history, the impact we have on the environment, the traces and scars we leave behind and the energy being reflected by these scar” Dieter Schlatter from his Canada House Gallery, Artist Statement

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