Adama Drame

In 2010 I put out a call on Facebook looking for drummers of different cultures to volunteer for a PSA for an international Breast Cancer Conference. My amazing friend Alexis asked if I knew Laura’s friend Adama, that he would probably be interested. Thank you Alexis. Adama come out to the video shoot and he was fantastic. We became fast friends. Last week we lost a shinning light, a kind, gentle, giving man. No matter where or when I saw Adama he would have a huge smile and a give a bear hug which brought pure joy to the soul. He found love with Rachel and became a father to Samira. He was taken from us far, far to early.  I am so glad I had the privilege to have shared in your love, joy and passion.  Your smile will always keep a special spot in my heart.

“Koumandi Adama Dramé was born to Haoua and Amadou Dramé in the town of Nouna, Burkina Faso on July 31st, 1981. He was known for his incredible warmth and giving nature, his exceptional drumming and musical talents, his athletic ability and sportsmanship and of course, his hugs. Adama had the ability to warm the coldest of hearts and light the darkest corners of the world. His passion for his friends and family, as well as his unyielding desire to fight for equality and fairness inspired us all; driving us to be better people by his example. Adama left us far too early in his life and is survived by his wife Rachael Dramé, his daughter Samira Dramé, his mother Haoua Dramé, his son Elijah DeReus, and his siblings Djeneba Dramé, Salif Dramé, Abdoul Ouedraogo, and Fatima Ouedraogo.

Please join us for a memorial service on Friday January 9th at 2 pm, held at Kearney Funeral Home (450 w 2nd Ave., Vancouver). Please bring a self standing candle to light, as well as a letter sized page (or pages) filled with memories of Adama. These pages will be bound into a memorial book(s); please write/draw/glue whatever you’d like on them. Rachael has also asked for any photos of Adama to be passed on to her.

Because Adama was the life of the party, there will be a celebration of his life later that evening at Café Du Soleil (4pm onwards, 1393 Commercial Drive). Please wear bright colours, bring your Drum, acoustic musical instruments, children, and stories. In lieu of flowers, donations will be accepted for Adama’s mother Haoua’s ongoing work with women and children in Burkina Faso.”

These images were from a shoot we did in August 2010

Adama-0850 Adama-0852 Adama-0853 Adama-0854 Adama-0859 Adama-0860 Adama-0895 Adama-0939 Adama-0972 Adama-0985 Adama-1009 Adama-1018 Adama-1070 Adama-1089 Adama-1121

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